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We look forward to meeting you and facilitating your visual journey.
Consultations are by appointment only - no walk-in appointments available.


We offer a range of consultations for Adults and Children.


A referral from an Optometrist prior to seeing our Orthoptist is recommended, to ensure the health of the internal structures of the eye have been checked and a current glasses prescription is given (if needed).

Based on the results of the assessments Vision Therapy may be recommended. More information on Vision Therapy can be found here.


We offer a range of payment methods:

  • Private Health Insurance - we are a registered provider with all major health insurance funds for Orthoptic Services & Glasses

  • Medicare - Optometry services are eligible for medicare rebates

  • National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) - we are a registered provider and able to provide services whether you are self, plan or agency managed.

What happens during consultations?

Functional Vision / Visual Skills Assessment

  • Patient History

    • previous eye conditions, general health concerns, medications etc

  • Visual Acuity

    • what's the smallest line of letters you can see on a distant letter chart and close reading material?

  • Eye Posture & Muscle control

    • how straight are your eyes when you look into the distance? and when you look at something close to you? 

    • are the 6 muscles around each eye working equally?, 

  • Eye Teaming skills

    • can the eyes cross inwards together?

    • can the eyes relax outwards together?

    • do both eyes work together to allow depth perception/3D vision?

  • Eye Focusing skills

    • can you make objects/images in the far distance clear?

    • how quickly can you change your focus and make a close object/image clear?

    • at what rate can you switch between the two?

  • Ocular Stress Reserves

    • how much visual demand/stress can your eyes tolerate before their teamwork breaks down?

Visual Information Processing (Perceptual) Assessment (also available online)

  • Ocular Motor Skills

    •  can the eyes track across a page and between objects quickly and accurately.

  • Visual​ Motor Skills

    • handwriting​, posture, pencil grip etc.

  • Visual Spatial Skills

    • understanding of left and right body awareness, and directionality.

  • Visual Auditory Skills

    • using visualization to aid in sounding out words and blends. 

  • Visual Analysis Skills

    • Visual Discrimination - identifying differences or similarities between objects based on shape, colour, sizing and positioning.​​

    • Visual Memory - ability to recall details of objects, shapes & movements. 

    • Visual Form Constancy - recognizing objects as the same regardless of size or orientation.

    • Visual Sequential Memory - recalling the correct order of a sequence of objects/letters.

    • Visual Figure Ground - ability to locate an object/word when presented with a lot of visual information at once​.

    • Visual Spatial Relations - left/right relationship of objects.

    • Visual Closure - recognizing an object/image when part of the picture is missing


​Parent Meeting (also available online)

  • Generally booked after a Visual Information Processing (Perceptual) Assessment with the parent/guardian only, to discuss the child's results and management plans. 

  • Parents are welcome to book a Parent Meeting to discuss their child's school performance and/or reports from other Allied Health Professionals to aid in our treatment plans.

​Vision Therapy Session (also available online)

  • Weekly/fortnightly appointments to carry out vision therapy activities. Once an activity has been taught face-to-face, additional online appointments are available during the week to ensure patient compliance.

Orthoptic Reviews

  • Subsequent/Follow up consultation that follows a period of Vision Therapy and/or Visual Hygiene recommendations. Results are compared to the initial assessment to track changes and improvements.

    • Visual Acuity

    • Eye Posture & Tracking skills

    • Eye Teaming skills

    • Eye Focusing skills

    • Ocular Stress Reserves

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