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If YOU don't protect your eyes ... who will?

Job Site Programs

Studies show that welders, plumbers, painters/glaziers, insulators, electricians and supervisors have a higher incidence of eye injuries than other trades.

While employers have a legal obligation to provide personal protective equipment (PPE), the number of eye injuries that present to Optometry practices and Hospitals suggests that employees aren't following through and ensuring their safety glasses are worn while working.  

In an effort to combat these behaviours and make safety glasses more comfortable and convenient we offer:

  • On-site (job site or head office) comprehensive vision assessments and glasses selections which include ranges of prescription safety glasses, and 

  • A WHS & Eye Health Seminar

Comprehensive Consultations

Our comprehensive consultations are delivered by multiple Eye Health Professionals, covering everything routinely checked in a practice including:

  • Vision

  • Prescription (for glasses)

  • Eye health (external and internal)

  • Visual Skills, and

  • Eye Pressure

Individuals will have their prescription and any report/referral necessary emailed to them on the day of testing. 

Prescription Glasses on-site

In addition to the consultations, and to complete the 'mobile practice' experience, a range of frame + lens packages are available to employees at the time of testing. Alternatively, employees who wish to purchase their own glasses frames elsewhere are able to access discounted lenses.

Industry specific safety glasses and sunglasses are available to suit the prescriptions of the employees to eliminate the need to wear safety glasses on top of regular glasses which can be uncomfortable.

Once the glasses have been ordered and lenses have been fitted, the completed jobs are delivered by our staff to the employee for fitting and adjustments to be made on-site.

WHS & Eye Health Seminar

Catered specifically to industries where PPE is required, our 1 hour seminar educates employees on the:

  • Basic anatomy of the eyes

  • 4 types of Refractive errors (short-sightedness, long-sightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia), and

  • Science behind safety glasses and vests

Groups of 15-20 per session is recommended. Multiple sessions can be arranged for larger workplaces.

For more information on tailored packages to suit your company

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