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"Behind every young child who believes in himself is a parent who believed first"

- Gecko & Fly

Vision For Learning Presentation

Our 1 hour presentation is open to all teaching staff and is particularly beneficial for learning support teachers as it looks at:

  • Basic anatomy of the eyes

  • Refractive errors

  • Different visual tools needed for learning

  • The most common visual problems affecting individuals in the classroom

Information Sessions

Interacting with parents & teachers on a daily basis has given us a good insight into the thoughts, feelings and concerns faced over a child's learning and academic performance.


Whether it be over the phone, through emails or in-person we hear the same

things from parents:

  • "I didn't really understand what the [Doctor/Optometrist] said, could you 

       explain it to me", or

  • "My child's teacher thinks they have ADHD", or

  • "I think my child has dyslexia because they confuse their b's and d's"


We hear teachers say that some students:

  • "Do not pay attention in class, and distracts others"

  • "Perform well on some tasks, but struggle a lot in others"

  • "Are constantly fidgeting in class and can't sit still"

We have found more often than not, that once the child is seen for a comprehensive assessment, an undiagnosed binocular vision or information processing problem is found and the pieces of the puzzle start to come together.

For this reason, we believe it's vital for parents & teachers to understand exactly what the child is experiencing in order to explain their behaviour and approach to learning. To do this, we offer information sessions to explain the most common vision and visual information processing problems found in students. We also frequently ask for topics of interest and design presentations around those.


Note: Some sessions are available as pre-recorded videos while others are live and delivered face to face or via zoom.


For access to videos, and information about upcoming sessions please fill in your details below. 

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Thanks for joining, information about upcoming sessions will be emailed to you!

For more information about our Sight on-Site school programs

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