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Designed by our very own Vision Therapist, this DIY program targets common Information Processing Difficulties in primary school aged children such as:

- Directionality

- Poor Handwriting

- Visual Discrimination

- Hand-Eye coordination


While face to face sessions are preferred for the therapist to get a better understanding the child's response and struggles with certain activities, our DIY program is the perfect starting point for patients who can't attend weekly sessions and/or prefer to work at their own pace between other interventions & commitments. 


Individuals who purchase the DIY Program are emailed a booklet containing:

- a schedule of activities

- activity instructions and

- charts required to complete the activity.


Patients are also given the option to book in face-to-face or zoom sessions as needed with our Vision Therapist at an additional cost.


For a customised program that targets a child's specific information processing difficulties, a consultation with our therapist is required. This can be booked face to face at one of our practices across Greater Sydney or online via Zoom. 

DIY Vision Therapy Program

GST Included
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