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1 in 4 students per class are affected by visual concerns 


60% of students who are poor learners have an undiagnosed visual concern!

School Programs

Too often we hear about students performing poorly in class or struggling to pay attention, then find out they have an underlying visual concern.


We find ourselves constantly telling parents and teachers that:

  • Attention issues are not automatically ADHD.

  • Students acting up are not always bad children or attention seeking

  • Poor readers don't always have learning disabilities and/or dyslexia


In order to battle alarming classroom statistics we offer two types of on-site programs to students in primary & high schools:

  • Screening 

  • Comprehensive Test

Tests + Glasses selection

The 'screening program' is offered to all students in a chosen grade/school and includes a small selection of tests used to rule out:

  • reduced vision

  • uncorrected refractive errors

  • lazy eyes & eye turns

  • visual skills dysfunctions - eye teaming, eye focusing and eye tracking

The 'comprehensive program' involves a wide range of tests routinely done in clinic during an Orthoptic consultation and Optometry visit. This is a more detailed process and involves digital permission forms being sent out to parents, with only the students who have returned permission forms seen on-site.

BOTH programs also include:

  • Same-day test results provided to parents

  • An overall report at the completion of all testing days to the class teachers and school Principal

At Pinpoint Vision we are also interested in making sure that teachers also have access to our on-site assessments & glasses selection. This can be done at the same time as the students, during a staff development day or on-site during the school holidays.

Students & teachers diagnosed with a significant refractive error and/or reduced vision will have the opportunity to select glasses frames at school, their appropriate lenses are then ordered and the complete frame is delivered by our staff to the individual for fitting and adjustments to be made.

For more information about our School Programs

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